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Facilitamos estrategias comerciales, planificación, cumplimiento y estándares internacionales
para desarrollar un negocio sostenible y rentable.  

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About us

We are a team of private and public accountants, with the experience and constant training to provide high-quality accounting, tax, and financial services to our clients.

Services with the highest ethical standards and compliance with the laws and regulations in force in Costa Rica as well as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS).


Bookkeeping and financial statements


Tax consultant



Assurance of Processes and Financial Information

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Our Services

We have accomplished to provide a flexible and customized service to each of our clients. We are very proud to bring solutions, fresh ideas, and compliance. 


Accounting & Finance

Financial analysis

We care about the details, analyzing your business and the scope of your strategies, we will help you move in the right direction.

Financial statements

For the past two decades, IFRS and USGAAP have provided tax authorities, financial institutions, and shareholders with standards for financial reporting.

Business consulting

We adapt your business to the best practices in each industry, evaluating the people you need, the assets and the resources.


Strategies - Compliance

Tax Regulations

Constantly new regulations, criteria and resolutions create the need to adapt as quickly as possible to be competitive and save money.

Tax Returns

Preparation of tax returns, Value Added and Income Tax, Informative Returns.

Tax Requirements

Accompaniment in the resolution of tax requirements by the Tax Administration.


Continuous business improvement

Financial Audit

Audits provide a high level of information to assess where it is important to focus our attention to be competitive and run a healthy business.

Quality Assurance 

International standards focus on a high level of compliance, we help you with ISO, IFRS, IAS, to protect your business.

Risk management

Know your risks and find solutions for Operation, Compliance, Taxes, Fraud.

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